Picture Meditation

What is Picture Meditation?     

In a picture meditation you meditate with an image or a picture given to you. This picture is energized with healing light-codes, sacred geometric symbols ,healing symbols and various healing techniques with a particular purpose or theme. The purpose and theme could be love, confidence, healing, opening up a chakra, and many more. The intention of the picture meditation is to receive the divine codes and energy from the picture as you meditate with it.. As you gaze at the image with the intention to heal, you will experience beautiful uplifting frequency that will support your healing.

Love Picture Meditation

The above image has been energized by Aavantika Pinge with the frequency of unconditional love and divine light, love healing light codes, healing symbols, sacred geometric symbols and codes, to bring more love and light into your life.

As you gaze at this image, you will receive beautiful frequencies of unconditional love that will not only raise your vibrations but also expand your consciousness to create ripples of love and light that touch every aspect of your life. Unconditional love is the highest vibrating frequency and the divine light with it has the power to transform and transmute all lower dense energy for the highest good .

Kindly do the picture meditation as guided below.

For a video and audio guidance for this meditation; click on the you tube link given below.

Find a peaceful place, calm and center your self with few deep breaths Gaze intently at the image as long as you can
While you gaze at the image, sense feel or imagine a bright pink golden light in top of your head pouring warm golden pink energies into your heart through the head.
Feel and sense your heart expanding and fill with love energies.
Breathe the love that holds energetic power of transformation, breathe in light to expand your consciousness. Tune into your heart to become one with the frequencies of unconditional love and light.
Chant the below at least 21 times
I Am Love
I Am Light
I Am That I Am
Sense the energies in your entire being-ness. Feel the love and light
Open your eyes whenever you are ready
Share your experience

YouTube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtGTuTcAG2U

Love light and abundance
Aavantika Pinge

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